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Posted: 26 May 2006 10:42:26 am    Post subject:

I am writing a increasing/decreasing/concavity program for my TI-89, and I need to extract the answers of a solve command so I can get points of inflection for my function. I have the input a function, and I need to solve the derivative of that, and take the answers when the derivative equals zero and figgure out if the function is increasing or decreasing comming to thoise points, but I cannot seem to extract the solve answers!
Any help? Thanks
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Ray Kremer


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Posted: 31 May 2006 02:14:25 pm    Post subject:

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Posted: 31 May 2006 04:37:00 pm    Post subject:

Or just zeros(yadayada).
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Posted: 02 Jun 2006 10:44:03 am    Post subject:

zeros work, haha why didn't I think of that. Thanks
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