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Posted: 30 Jul 2005 02:35:47 pm    Post subject:

At, there having a couple cool contests. For those who haven't, check it out. :biggrin: You can also vote for my Graph TI entry if you like. If you vote for mine, I'll vote for yours.
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DJ Omnimaga

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Posted: 30 Jul 2005 02:52:20 pm    Post subject:

First time I looked at someones design when I heard about this competition my computer crashed, and it's not because of IE because this happened in Firefox as well, even when setting flash quality to low it ran really slow so I couldnt even do anything except voting so I didnt even bothered making a design with their tools. Also they lack l0ot of useful options that everyone need like Undo/Redo functions and many thing else, like people cheating.

I still hope someone from the TI community will win though, like you or DarkAuron

btw lloydkirk89 I havent seen ya for a long while on AIM (since july 12th I think) how was it going? maybe I missed some stuff tho because I have been very busy as well lately Smile and I wont visit Maxcoderz forums very much anymore

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Arcane Wizard

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Posted: 30 Jul 2005 03:08:19 pm    Post subject:

There's already a thread about this.

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