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Posted: 01 Feb 2005 07:44:57 pm    Post subject:

Ok, some of you probably remember that my site got deleted 1.5 month ago due to a server pb. Now It's back (fginally). Since the last update was back in november I decided to add new stuff like a project section and a HP/casio archive.

For those who didn't got time to visit it, Omnimaga is actually a calculator game archive like, but the only files you will find here are RPGs and libraries for basic programmers and it's now also for casio and HP calculators. However on the website, there is only one ARPGCs, NO menu-based RPGs and NO battle arenas like pokemon vs digimon, only true rpgs like Shadow World, TVF, FFTOM, Desolate, Narkemen and all great classics RPGs like Dying Eyes and the future home of RoboWars, FBF and Destiny Realm. NO MORE NEED TO SEARCH TICALC.ORG ARCHIVES!!! Smile You can now visit it at:

and note that the, and have been disabled.
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