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Bryan Thomas
Outer Limit Software

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Posted: 23 Aug 2004 11:12:31 am    Post subject:

Basically the boss is going to move all arounnd in random locations. Hes very small the same size as you just with some extra pixels. Hes gonna keep teleporting in and out of 4 spots.

So lets say bam he goes invisible. And now you have no idea where hes gonna shoot from, so you have to run off the platforms mad fast in order to ensure that you wont be shot. You could get lucky and still hit him while hes invisible, but you would be risking alot. every time he shoots a random platform disapears and puts u at risk fro mines. And everytime he warps to one place, he gets a little bit more life. So you want to make sure that you keep hitting him or he will regain all his life.

Hows that sound for a final project? Very Happy
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Arcane Wizard

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Posted: 23 Aug 2004 02:30:53 pm    Post subject:

Sounds good to me.
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