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Bryan Thomas
Outer Limit Software

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Joined: 20 May 2003
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Posted: 30 Jul 2004 11:19:52 pm    Post subject:

Very Happy Well guys Its been a while since I posted on the forum about the updates of Contra so I figured I would make a new topic.

I have been pretty lazy lately. And have not worked on contra that much. but today I motivated myself and worked on the final boss. I got alot of the layout complete for my ideas for the final boss. Its gonna be sweet as far as graphics and creativity goes. Which is why its taking a long time to get the last frame done. Imma perfectionist when it comes to graphics and crap on calcs. So unless it looks perfect I will not settle Very Happy

You guys are prolly wondering how big this game is. And I would be to if I was somebody else. The game as far as the actuall programming goes, shouldnt exceed 8500 bytes. And if it does it will only be by a little bit. However the in game mem consumption is pretty huge. It uses alot of lists, matrices, and variables in order to make the game so good. Its just the tradeoff for a good basic game. So over it will be about 8500 bytes and require ummm lets say 6000 bytes of free space. Thats more in game memory then I hoped for, but Its a good tradeoff for the highly detailed levels I came up with. (earlier levels will be smaller and only require about 4250 bytes to run) So basically the size of the level influences the running space alot.

The install file will be HUGE. im guessing aroun 16000 bytes. And I may need to divide it into two programs. Thats how big it is. Imagine 16000 bytes of nothing but cordinates and values, (this game put my brain to the test Very Happy )

The level editor will prolly be about 3000-4000 bytes. Im not yet sure since I havent worked with it to much.

Now I am still debating whether or not to combine some subroutines together, and if I do it should reduce the program count to about 5 or 4. Although im not making any promises Wink

Overall I think contra willl satisfy Everything that was ever said about it. Featured program material I hope...YEYEYEYYE !!!
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Darth Android
DragonOS Dev Team

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Joined: 31 May 2003
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Posted: 03 Aug 2004 05:55:29 am    Post subject:

Sweet, why dont you post some screens when you get a chance, or are you just gonna build up the suspence?
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Bryan Thomas
Outer Limit Software

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Joined: 20 May 2003
Posts: 298

Posted: 06 Aug 2004 09:13:10 pm    Post subject:

Ill probably post a screenshot of the boss frame when I finish it but for now I will leave ya hanging. I wanna get some excitement back up. Because these topics keeping getting more and more baren Sad

Almost ready to code boss, still working on graphics...
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Posted: 15 Aug 2004 06:57:30 pm    Post subject:

Sounds sweet dude, keep us posted man! I am sure this will get a feature on
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