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Posted: 09 Jul 2004 09:49:06 am    Post subject:

Hey guys! Chcek out to see the Greenfire programming group's website. We just recently upgraded to a new forum and we are hoping to get new members. Our webmaster (kv) is also working on programming and updating more of the main website. Please check us out and register at the forum! We have some awesome projects in the works by our staff...


- Bomberman [by Jason (Epik, rand0mprogrammer) Clardy]
- MusED [by Ben Ryves]
- Cobra [by Madskillz]
- The Forgoten Sword [John (Toaster) Mitchell]
- Rick Dangerous [Madskillz]
-Indiana Jones *curently on hold* [by Vincent (kv) Juneman]


- Antrun [by Job the Game Quitter]
- Connect 4 [by Ben Ryves]
- Fire Track 2 [by Ben Ryves]
- Lights Out [by Jason (Epik, rand0mprogrammer) Clardy]
- PaRappa The Rapper [by Jonathan (Calvin) Janevski]
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Posted: 12 Jul 2004 09:23:56 am    Post subject:

Your projects and archives pages don't seem to work, but the rest of the site looks good. Well done!
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