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Posted: 20 Jan 2012 06:10:09 am    Post subject:

Cross-posted from TI-Planet:

Hello everybody...

Today is one of the most exciting day of the TI-Nspire history.

Today is the day your OS3 TI-Nspire gets unleashed, and becomes more powerful than ever.

Today is the day we release Ndless 3.1 !

Here are the 8 rockets we promised to make available :

[size=150]1) Ndless 3.1 (aka "Ndl3ss")
[/size]This is the jailbreak program by itself.
You can follow tutorial for the installation.

Download it here !

2) Ndoom 2
THE Doom game, ported originally ported by Mrakoplatz on Omnimaga, greatly enhanced and reword by Critor for Ndless 3, with a lot of new features such as Touchpad support, third-party level support, menu screen etc.
( )

Download it here !

3) GBC4Nspire
This is the gameboy color emulator, improved, by calc84maniac.
It now runs at fullspeed (no frames skipped) on the Nspire CX models Smile
( )

Download it here !

4) NESpire
NES (famicom) emulator for the Nspire.
See news

Download games !

5) Nspire_Emu
This is the new version of the community Nspire_Emulator, by GoPlat
It now supports CX devices Smile

Download it here !

6) Polydumper
Allows you to dump the necessary files to be used with Nspire_Emu : Boot1, Boot2, OS.

Download it here !

7) Nover
Overclock your Nspire ! By Critor

Download it here !

Cool nRGBlib
An awesome graphics library for Ndless 3 !
Screenshot : See nspire_emu's.

Download it here !

mViewer was initially supposed to be there but Critor is still working on some fixes. It should be available soon :)

Enjoy all these !
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Posted: 20 Jan 2012 08:48:21 am    Post subject:

Wow, these are amazing! Shock I want a Nspire now, too!
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