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Joined: 14 Aug 2009
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Posted: 22 Jun 2011 09:41:17 pm    Post subject:

I am unable to continue work on S.A.D. My sincerest apologies to all of you who were looking forward to it. I hope to upload the source code.

This topic can be moved to the forum "Inactive Projects" if desired.
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DJ Omnimaga

Calc Guru

Joined: 14 Nov 2003
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Posted: 02 Jul 2011 11:52:02 pm    Post subject:

I'm sad to see this die, as this was a really great project. I am glad, however, that unlike many people in the past, you did not bury the source on your hard drive or vanish completely with it. In the past I saw many projects dying, and no source got published, so nobody could have the chance to take over.
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Deep Thought

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Posted: 03 Jul 2011 04:36:31 pm    Post subject:

That's too bad Sad SaD was another one of those projects I was really looking forward to playing someday, but sometimes you can't help it. Glad the source code's out, for anyone else who wants to try their hand at finishing it up.

G'luck with your other projects, Hot_Dog.
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Posted: 05 Jul 2011 07:53:28 pm    Post subject:

So where's the source? I know my contribution is minor but I want to see this project finished.

Any documentation will also be appreciated.
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Joined: 14 Aug 2009
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Posted: 12 Jul 2011 04:02:23 pm    Post subject:

The source code can be found here:;sa=view;down=686

I'm really sorry, but I haven't had time to create any documentation. I will say that to compile the code, use the following:

spasm SAD.asm SAD.8xk

Also, the program starts at SADMain.asm. SAD.asm is a bunch of necessary headers.
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