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Posted: 02 Apr 2011 07:46:45 pm    Post subject:

I've been working on this project for a while, and since I'm finally starting to make some really concrete (albeit slow) progress, I thought I should post about it here as well. Those of you who frequent Omnimaga might recognize this.

Anyways, Nostalgia is an puzzle RPG that revolves around 2 young heroes from the shattered world of Alteria. It's called Nostalgia because it features 2 dimensions. One that uses ASCII graphics, reminiscent of old Pure BASIC RPGs, and one that uses 8x8 tiles that represents ASM RPGs. The allusion fits perfectly with the fact it's being made with Axe Parser, since it is essentially a bridge between the two languages.

A bit of backstory for those curious.
[quote="A bit of backstory"]On the origin of the universe:

Long ago, there was naught.
Then, two great beings appeared. One represented the power of light and one the power of dark.
Their powers formed the world of Alteria, but the two beings were thrown into an eternal struggle.
From the war-torn world, a hero chosen by the people ascended to the skies to calm the great beings.
Wielding the power of the universe, this hero calmed the two and from this, the three elements were formed and absolute control of them was entrusted to a pure soul on Alteria.
This being became the Creator and governed Alteria in a just and absolute manner.


Then, about 2 billion years ago, a new god, a messiah of darkness, appeared. Seeing this, the Creator knew something might happen to his people on Alteria, so he split it into several dimensions, so that it could not be corrupted as easily.
Unfortunately, one by one the dimensions began to fall and so the Creator isolated one from all the others. The appearance of this dimension shifted drastically, to that of how Alteria had once looked, so the Creator dubbed it the Nostalgia dimension.

In order to maintain contact with the residents of this dimension, the Creator gave them two gifts: the Dim-Cryst and Uni-Blade. The Dim-Cryst allowed the residents of the Nostalgia dimension to travel to another dimension, the Enlightened dimension; while the Uni-Blade was an ancient sword the Creator placed in a temple in the Nostalgia dimension that channeled the powers of all three elements, the sword the original hero used to bring peace to Alteria, should its power ever be required.

Then, the unthinkable happened. The Enlightened dimension, the final free dimension, aside from the Nostalgia dimension fell to the Dark Messiah's might. He corrupted a general of the Royal Alterian army and helped him rise to control the now Shadowed dimension. This man became the Black Lord Frey.

Now, more then ever, Alteria needs a hero.
But who can stand up to the Dark Messiah's might?
Has the Creator forsaken us?[/quote]

Latest copy of the story found here.

Nostalgia's two heroes each hail from a different dimension.
Roland Ingnia, a Master Thief, hails from the Nostalgia Dimension.

Aria vi Amertia, a former Knight of the Black Lord Frey's elite military, hails from the Shadowed Dimension.

Their quest pits them against many formidable foes, such as the Black Lord Frey, and General Arc Tenshido, a former friend of Aria's.

So far, I've made some decent progress on the map engine, and to prove it, here's a screenie:
[img] 3-29-11.gif[/img]

So, any thoughts, questions, suggestions?
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Posted: 04 Apr 2011 09:15:22 am    Post subject:

VERY impressive, both backstory wise and screenie wise! Very Happy.
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Posted: 04 Apr 2011 04:54:34 pm    Post subject:

Thanks. I'm trying to get some progress done with NPCs and events before I move onto the ASCII tilemapper, which should be much easier.
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