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Pretty much from the readme:

ROM Parser
beta revision 13 October 2010


The ROM Parser is a program that reads in a ROM file and extractes the data in
it.  It can be run from the command line or as a GUI application.

GUI Operation

To run the ROM Parser as a GUI application, run it with no command line
arguments, pass the name of a ROM to open as the only command line argument,
or pass it the --gui command line option.

From within the GUI, you can use File > Open to open a new ROM.  Once a ROM is
open, you browse subitems in the ROM on the left, and see information about an
item on the right.  For the Archive item, you can use the Export All button to
export all variables to a folder.  For a Variable in the archive, you can use
the Export button to export that variable.

Command Line Operation

To extract all items from a ROM, do

romparse --file somefile [--out somedirectory]

This will extract everything in the archive except complex numbers and complex


The correctness of the export for all file types has not been

This program exports groups in the 8xgrp format used by TiLP.  This is because
the 8xgrp format contains a group file as it appears in the archive.  TI
Connect's 8xg format does not mimic the internal structure of a group.

Change Log:

13 October 22010
 - Added GUI
   - Supports exporting any single item
   - Supports exporting all items
 - --help implemented.  This overrides --gui.
 - Application Target changed to .NET 3.0 instead of 4.0.  This should make the
   program able to run on some older machines without .NET being updated.

12 October 2010
 - Initial Release
 - Command-line application

Download it. The beta build can be found in .\romparse\publish\Application Files\romparse_0_1_0_1

I think I'll start work on a GUI now, and move into support for editing ROMs.

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