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Posted: 04 Feb 2009 04:55:39 pm    Post subject:


EDIT: the last version had HUGE coding errors. I've missed them because part of the code was done in a very odd way. I've updated so it should work just fine. Yet isnt error prone, so if you find any error pls post here.

I like to make programs for the TI84+. Doing them on the calc itself takes a looot of time, so I went and tried Graph Link, but Graph Link sucks a LOT, mainly because it was a caps lock of its own.

So I went to find a program that could create 8xp files, but I didn't find any good. All I could find was a program that you gave him the name and the data in Bytes, and he would make you the 8xp file. Well but that also sucks, because I would have to know the byte 'codes' for every function the calc was.

Since I couldn't find anything, I made a DLL file that creates the 8xp as it should create.
What it does: you give it the data on text and the name, he converts the data to bytes and creates the file for you. It can also read 8xp files.

Now will be easy to create programs that make programs for the TI83, TI84, TI84+. Looool

How to use it:
Just add a reference to your Visual Studio project.
Note: the code here is in VB.Net, but you can use the file with all the .Net languages.

'To read the data from a file:
Dim MyFile As New TI84FileFormat.TI84FileFormat("C:\MyFile.8xp")
'To get the name of the file (the name that appears on the calc)
'To get the comment on the file
'To get if the file is protected
'To get the data, use the Data property
'To get the data in text format:
'To save a 8xp file
Dim MyFile2 As New TI84FileFormat.TI84FileFormat()
MyFile2.Name = "MYFILE"
Dim MyText() As String
MyFile2.Data = TI84FileFormat.TI84FileFormat.ConvertText8xp(MyText)

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Posted: 04 Feb 2009 10:29:48 pm    Post subject:

Any chance you could attach a zip?
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Posted: 05 Feb 2009 05:52:17 am    Post subject:
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Posted: 05 Feb 2009 09:31:29 am    Post subject:

Just changed to a zip Razz
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Posted: 13 Jul 2010 09:35:06 am    Post subject:

it's not working for me in c#!
when I want to set the MyFile.Data, it throws an NullReferenceException!
here is my code:

MyFile = new TI84FileFormat.TI84FileFormat();


            MyFile.Name = "Z0";
            MyFile.Data = TI84FileFormat.TI84FileFormat.ConvertText8xp(new string[] { "[030201040105010501060308040806070706070406030402020B051D050A11180808151011041A08" });
            MyFile.Comment = "nothing";

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Posted: 15 Sep 2010 10:40:58 pm    Post subject:

Have you tried TI-Coder? I use it for hex and BASIC programming. it works well unless you are using it to make a file full of text for an ASM program to use. Then you it converts things like " and " to the token instead of 5 chars. Otherwise, you can literally type in the code and it converts everything to tokens. It does have a few problems with newer tokens, however. They probably haven't been programmed in. It is .exe if that is a problem. I know more about calcs than computers, so excuse any misunderstandings, please.

I found TI-Coder on TI-Calc, I think.

"Unzip on the fly?" Seriously? That is kind of funny, though. Smile

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