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Lionel Debroux


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Posted: 17 May 2010 01:50:17 pm    Post subject:

Hello everybody :)

I have uploaded at a pre-version of TIEmu 3.04 no-GDB, for beta-testing purposes Smile
(*nix users can try, start by looking inside the script)

Since TIEmu 3.03, visible changes are fixes in the memory maps and I/O definitions, and fixes in the disassembler. Other changes, more visible to *nix users, include code updates not to use functions deprecated in recent GTK+ versions (2.20). Some updates to internal documentation, too. To sum up things, not much so far.

Before TIEmu 3.04 release, Thibault Duponchelle (a.k.a Contra / azerti, also working on TiLem-NG) and I are working to make TIEmu at least not crash anymore when loading on a 64-bit computer savestates created on a 32-bit computer, and vice-versa. With the ongoing switch to 64-bit computers, we'd better fix TIEmu somewhat before this known bug bites too many users Smile
Note that transparently handling savestates created by buggy TIEmu versions is significantly harder than transparently handling images created by buggy TIEmu versions (which I contributed in 2009 to TIEmu, before becoming a (co-)maintainer, and is already available in TIEmu 3.03).

NOTE: thanks to updates of the shared libti* DLLs, as a side effect of installing this setup program for a beta TIEmu _after_ installing the beta TILP version featuring Jonimus' UI improvements (see another topic of this section), , you can get Nspire OS 2.x support in TILP, which I added last week-end by integrating (with minor changes) a patch contributed on the SF bug tracker.

The GDB-enabled version will follow later - I think it would be best to try bringing the huge (more than 120 KB !) NSIS definitions to a more manageable state first. NSIS does support wildcards, but there's no single wildcard in the TIEmu+GDB NSIS definitions created by Kevin, weird...

Thanks in advance for testing Wink
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