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Calc Guru

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Posted: 09 Apr 2010 10:37:19 am    Post subject:

Now that TiLP 1.14 has been released I can official announce me recent Project, making the TiLP II GUI actually make sense. Razz so far I have revived the menubar from TiLP I as well as set it to listen to the users Icon theme settings for the main UI elements. Here are a few screenshots of the changes so far.

If you want to try it out I have patches and updated .glade files which should work with the latest TiLP release or the TiLP svn here I will try to make some windows isntallers in the future which will be uploaded to the same place.

I have been shareing my changes with both Kevin and Lionel so whether your Distro of choice chooses to package CalcForgeLP or TiLP you should be able to reap the rewards of my work in the future.

If there is anything you want to see added or improved with the UI post your suggestions and I will try to implement them to w/e exttent I can.
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Lionel Debroux


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Posted: 15 Apr 2010 02:15:07 pm    Post subject:

These UI changes have been integrated in TILP SVN, and a new Windows installer (which also provides minor fixes in tilp and libticalcs) has been uploaded at .
Enjoy, and please provide us with some feedback (ideas for improvements, wrinkles on icons or parts of the UI that might not work, etc.).
Thanks in advance Smile
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