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Posted: 31 Dec 2009 05:52:55 pm    Post subject:

As all of you have probably heard this month, we've switched to a new server to offset the increased cost of running the site. First of all, special thanks go out to the admin team for a quick transition and restoring many of the post-editing features that were missing last year. Other than the FTP sub-domain recovery topic and a minor problem with uploadable file extensions, there's just a few issues here and there that might need patching. So the point of this thread is to track any new issues/request that come up and let UTI members accurately inform our visitors on their status in case questions come up.

The issue I'm reporting is a possible bug in email validation. I don't know as of yet whether this only affects inactive account validation, regular password recoveries, or both. But here is DWedit's request...

DWedit wrote:
UnitedTI's board appears to be screwed up and is unable to send validation emails, so my account there is temporarily locked. Would someone please kindly bug an adminstrator there about the issue?
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Posted: 02 Jan 2010 06:16:13 am    Post subject:

Subdomains are somewhat up. Validation emails should be working now.
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