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I made this package and is very useful for me. Recently share in Omnimaga (

Basically is an offline or online (if you host) IDE made with HTML, CSS and JavaScript for, guess what, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Imagined that? I did.
It features a kind of JavaScript console, incomplete RegExp Studio and a nice instant HTML, CSS and JS editor to see the changes right away.

So here is the link too:

Don't look too much to some comments on source code, you might not understand. :hmpf:
There are bugs, somewhere. If you find some let me know. And help me correcting them.

How to use:
Open with a web browser (with preference of Firefox) and start using basically...
You can learn from the source code some nice HTML and JS stuff.

Finish it.
Correct all bugs.
Cross browser. (IE is always a headache)
Add more useful routines and features. (variable watching in JS, etc.)

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