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Posted: 30 Sep 2009 09:01:04 pm    Post subject:

I am making a program in my TI-83 plus to calculate (duh) the experience of pokemon at different levels. However, two of the formulas are piecewise functions and I am having difficulty getting my calculator to utilize them. These are the two functions I am trying to add to my program.



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Posted: 30 Sep 2009 09:31:58 pm    Post subject:

To graph a piecewise function, divide each part by the test. For example, for the second one, do
y1=(x^3((24+abs((x+1)/3))/50))/(0<x and n<=15)
y2=(x^3((14+x)/50))/(16<=x and x<=35)
y3=(x^3((32+abs(x/2))/50))/(36<=x and x<=100)
To make these into functions, multiply each part by the test add them. Note that using this method undefined parts of the function will be zero.
f(x)=(x^3((24+abs((x+1)/3))/50))(0<x and n<=15)+(x^3((14+x)/50))(16<=x and x<=35)+(x^3((32+abs(x/2))/50))(36<=x and x<=100)
If you want to force the function to be undefined in undefined parts, add a final part that divides 0 by the test for undefinedness:
f(x)=(x^3((24+abs((x+1)/3))/50))(0<x and n<=15)+(x^3((14+x)/50))(16<=x and x<=35)+(x^3((32+abs(x/2))/50))(36<=x and x<=100)+0/((15<x and x<16) or (35<x and x<36) or (x<=0) or (x>100))
Good luck reading this mess.
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Posted: 30 Sep 2009 10:42:51 pm    Post subject:

If you're using these in a program, you could do:

p(x) = (9X-X[font="verdana"]²)/E3

e(n) = sum(N[font="verdana"]≥{0,16,36:N[font="verdana"]³/50(14Ans[font="verdana"]²-52Ans+62+int((N+(Ans=1))/(Ans-1+3(Ans=1

The one I missed was the first one in your post. If you want, I could work on it as well.

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