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I'm having difficulties in seeing where the programs are kept and accessed on the TI89. I've installed some basic programs that I got from the TI website. In my Ti Connect program (on my computer) it shows them listed but I cannot locate them on the calculator. As a matter of fact I cannot see where you can access the programs that get installed on the calc. I own a tI85 and there is a button that accesses the programs stored in the calc. As far as I can see the apps button seems to show what apps are on the calc but not any programs that I installed. I also downloaded an app called ME Pro which is an app for Mechanical engineering formulas and stuff like that, it was on the disc that came with the calc as well as on the TI web site. Again it shows on the device explorer from TI connect (on my computer) but it is nowhere to be found on my calc. I installed another similar program called EEPro and that shows up in the apps menu. Any help on installing and seeing where the program or app should be would be appreciated. I just got this calc a little while ago and I'm hoping it's just a learning curve rather than faults with the device. Thanks
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What you're looking for is the Var-Link ([2nd][-]) menu. It shows a list of the programs and other variables on your calculator, and selecting one will enter the name on the screen -- then press ENTER again to run it. You can also type in the name yourself.

For applications such as ME Pro, you should be able to find the application under the Apps menu.
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