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I am new to the calculator scene (though the key factoring was big news) and have a question. I just bought a new TI-83+ with 1.19 and tried to download several older OS's for fun with TI Connect using the .8xu files. (.18, .17, .14, .13). All result in an in-op calculator and require the batt ON DEL thing and a reload of 1.19 to get it back again. I've also noticed that when I tried to download a couple of Brandon W's apps to the new calc (using cable), after an apparent succesful transfer they don't show up in the apps menu. The same apps run fine under tilem emulation. When I send them to a brand new TI-84+ I get a "USB communication Error: Flash application has a bad signature (8C08002D)" at the end of the transfer. (I tried his FixCheckSum Windows application for this without success.) Don't know if these two phenomena are related.

Added an hour later: --I'm an idiot. The "USB error problem" was an app signature issue on the 84+. It can be fixed with BrandonW's PatchVal application. The 83+ doesn't throw the error back to TI-connect - it just doesn't save the app to Flash.

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