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Posted: 08 Jul 2009 02:22:46 pm    Post subject:

[font="Impact"]Hello, United-TI!

In the next weeks I would like to see what people like you out there can do regarding Compositions
(I am talking about funky MIDI-Songs, all equal either 8-bit-bagpipes, crossing the Classical genre, up to Pop or Rock Songs in MP3 or other 'modern' formats Smile )

So to give it a start I would like to show you some borked stuff I just did yesterday... Look for the upload Very Happy!

Greetings from the other continent,

p.s.: This 'You are the memory'-thingy is still without drums (which should come in at about the 5th cycle) and all dorkish-simple since it is one of my first projects longer than a minute, the 'AX-Theme' became part of a small fun-game named 'Apocalypse X' made by my older brother Joris Roos (hail to that informatics-and-math-studying guy!!!), who also made some famous projects like the 'Pixelpainter' and the 'Tokenreader' for the Computer using the TI-Variables from the Calc...
Well, as for the game, I can't find it anymore on the net but sorry for advertising a bit and digressing a lot Very Happy
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