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darkstone knight

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Posted: 08 Apr 2009 01:24:53 pm    Post subject:

each list element is 9 bytes (imaginairy lists are 18 bytes)
lists can have up to 999 elelements (~9000 bytes)
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Posted: 08 Apr 2009 06:01:31 pm    Post subject:

A list needs to be converted to a string prior to inserting them into a program. Depending on whether or not you have many decimals in each element of your list, the conversion to a string could take anywhere between 2 bytes per element to somewhere around 16, however many digits are allowed to be in a list element.

The version of Celtic II you're looking at probably indicates that the 255 byte limit is per line, which is to say you can have as much information as you want in the program file, just as long as no single line exceeds 255. If you absolutely need to, you can split data across multiple lines.

Such restriction doesn't exist in Celtic III. Also, Celtic III provides a fast way to convert the lists to a string needed for storage purposes.

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Posted: 10 Apr 2009 05:20:23 am    Post subject:

I didn't even know that celtic 2 had list manipulation stuff...
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Posted: 10 Apr 2009 06:53:50 am    Post subject:

Hmm, I really don't want to waste more time just finding a way to split lists into parts so I guess I'll use CelticIII
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