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Posted: 12 Feb 2009 07:19:55 pm    Post subject:

Hi, does anyone know about the "anti virus" software called "Greeware anti virus 2009"? Some website I go to have this extremely annoying pop up that tries to install "Greeware anti virus 2009". This pop up tries to fake an anti virus software and tries to install spy ware, it also claims that there are around 40-100 threats and viruses on my computer when I know there aren't any.

While my computer has not been infected yet, it is rather scary that with 2 fire walls working, symantec running, and several other Microsoft security programs running that this pop up still manages to get pass these undetected. The only way I have found to stop the process of these pop ups is to either press control alt delete and end the process or pull the plug.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent pop ups like this to show up?

Also to give you an idea on what this pop up is like, it is similar to (this site does not try to install malware on your computer) except the pop ups have no end to them.

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Posted: 12 Feb 2009 09:36:50 pm    Post subject:

If the process is running on your computer, it means that the program which displays the pop-ups is also stored on your computer somewhere. Apparently you know what the process is called. Search your computer for that file name and delete it.

Also, uninstall the security programs, get HiJackThis and maybe Ad-Aware and run it once every so often.

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Posted: 20 Feb 2009 11:52:41 pm    Post subject:

And another thing, REMOVE THAT LINK! I had to go through the whole Rickroll twice to close the page Very Happy

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Posted: 22 Feb 2009 07:04:32 pm    Post subject:

I removed the link to help protect our users.

Ad-Aware is kind of depreciated compared to how good it used to be. Your current "best bet" is to stop browsing the Internet with Internet Explorer and use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or something else as these are seldom the targets of adware and spyware.

Automated/Intermediate Removal: Difficulty 2/5
To remove Spyware/Adware/Malware, you should try Spybot Search & Destory. Install it and update it then close the program after having all updates. Now, reboot into safemode and do your scan, so minimal stuff is running. From that point you may as well scan for viruses too with something like AVG, a great free Anti Virus program.

Manual/Advanced Removal: Difficulty 3/5 or 4/5
Finally, you should run something like HiJackThis and/or AutoRuns to verify every program, process, service, active x, ... that starts up with the system. The one catch is that you MUST have a good understanding of what belongs and does not belong there. Hint: Typically companies sign their executables, so processes bearing no name are usually malware. Sometimes SystemRestore is helpful too.

Specialty Removal: Difficulty 5/5
Dealing with special pieces of malware that are resistant to removal. These are programs that repair themselves generally modify or hook the Windows kernel as rootkits and are highly resistant to removal. Other examples hide in Alternate Data Streams of NTFS. Typically, these malware programs are NOT detectable to any of the aforementioned tools mainly because they patch the Windows Operating System to cloak the existance of these programs. Examples include: Spy Sheriff, Antivirus 360... Typical removal involves specialty tools such as Windows Pre-Installation Environment. I.e. you MUST boot off of a non-contaminated Windows Kernel to see their existence, or specialized tools like SmitFIX. These programs WILL survive a Windows Reinstall unless you FORMAT (Quick Format is fine).

Good Luck
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Posted: 03 Mar 2009 07:43:00 pm    Post subject:

try eradicate spyware for information
hope this helps
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