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El Jaque


Joined: 01 May 2008
Posts: 122

Posted: 20 Jun 2008 06:22:09 am    Post subject:

i am using xLIB, and i have noticed that after RAM clears it is acting weird, or more precicely the real(3 command (recall pic) doesnt function Neutral . if the real(3 command is in a program, the pic simply just doesnt get called, and if i execute the command on homescreen, the pic is diplayed about 20 or 25 pixels off the center of the screen (shifted upwards) and the top 10 or so rows of pixels are completely garbled. if anybody knows why this is happening i would like to know, though luckily it seems to be harmless (everything goes back to normal pretty fast) :ninja: .
also, continuing on the subject of real(3, i have to use the command twice for the pic to appear after pressing the GRAPH button so i can edit it manually.
lastly, i noticed that the tile map function only works if the pic was drawn in zoom standard, though i havent really messed around with it to see what was going on.
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Lazy H4xx0r

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Joined: 24 Dec 2006
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Posted: 20 Jun 2008 11:32:26 am    Post subject:

You must always re-enable xLib after a RAM clear. Also, if you have a program/app that conflicts with xLib's hook (Omnicalc, for example), then you either have to delete the conflicting program/app or figure out how to make both function at the same time (not easy, but I have done it before using a trial and error method).
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El Jaque


Joined: 01 May 2008
Posts: 122

Posted: 20 Jun 2008 11:39:16 am    Post subject:

hmm... thats weird, because i deffinitely reenabled xlib and i dont have any other apps. oh well, i guess that doesnt matter too much, seeing as everything is back to normal now!

yay!!! my 101st post!!!
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