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I've been having some strange problems for as long as I've been using my link where I can transfer PGRMS to my calc from some computers, but not others. For the most part, this has been only a partial setback because I've always had access to at least one computer that does work. But since my home PC refuses to link...well, I guess you could say my patience is used up.

The problem isn't in my calc or cable because --as I mentioned before--the transfers work with some computers. When I try to send a program from the computer, I immidiately get a "Error on Xmit" message on the TI-82; as if the data were corrupt somehow. This happens even though the link software can detect the cable as I get started. Clearly the message is getting to the calc, it just seems to be in the wrong format.

If I had to guess, I'd say that the problem is my computer's port settings.

I'm using Wtran8x on Windows 98 for transferring games, and Andreas Westfeld's "LinkTest" for cable checking. The link is a $5 Parallel type.
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