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Posted: 04 May 2008 10:35:12 am    Post subject:

I know I am a bit late with posting, but I forgot to post the anwser I got :blush: .

this it what I received:

Thank you for your suggestions. Many of them are good ones. As you can see from your experience with, we do have a small problem in that the site is so large that parts do tend to get overlooked (such as the hosted sites). I will forward these suggestions to the other staff members and work on some myself. Right now I have been working on organizing the 83+ BASIC math section into subfolders (algebra, geometry, etc.) for easier access, and this is taking up all my time.

Michael Vincent

now lets hope it helps.
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Posted: 04 May 2008 10:34:37 pm    Post subject:

it's better than no answer :)

I wonder what it would be like to set up almost like a wiki or something else. Like have different tiers of admin who can manage different sections of the archive and etc. just a random thought.
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DJ Omnimaga

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Posted: 05 May 2008 12:50:54 am    Post subject:

there could be security issues, but idk if it would change anything much really anyway. More staff for file archives would help

As for news, the problem is that not a lot of good games are released very often
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Posted: 05 May 2008 01:25:38 am    Post subject:

I'd like to see the Program Ideas/Upcoming Programs section re-formatted. The 83+ section has upward of 73 pages, and it kind of has that Youtube thread format where it's just really hard to navigate.
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DJ Omnimaga

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Posted: 05 May 2008 02:10:39 am    Post subject:

true, also quite ironic that like youtube comments get scrambled sometimes when someone replies to yours. I admit I didn't helped at all in your calculator tribute video though. You're lucky Youtube doesn't allow caps lock in comments. XD

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