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DJ Omnimaga

Calc Guru

Joined: 14 Nov 2003
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Posted: 05 Jan 2008 02:39:23 am    Post subject:

I know i said i wouldnt post anymnore, but I know some Omnimaga staff and members post here so I decided to post this here too since i had no other way to contact all of them atm.

Before continuing, let me clear a few things up, so people wont ask questions about them, causing the thread to go off topic:

-First of all, as lot of you may alerady know, english is not my native language, so my apologies if my posts are hard to understand.

-#TCPA is the main TI calculator discussion channel in the TI community.

-Omnimaga is a TI programming/PC game making team, a non-profit music label and a calculator RPG download site, all combined together. The main focus is TI game programming though.

-#omnimaga is its IRC channel, altough the userbase is slightly different.

Now here's the deal with the site: as you may have noticed, Omnimaga has been down since the week began. In fact it was shutted down. It was deleted Monday night (altough the IRC channel still stayed up, since I don't have ownership of it. tcpa users got blocked for a while.) because I felt the site started too much controversy in the community (mainly #tcpa almost as a whole, and other users scattered on various TI forums), and almost everyone aside from Omnimaga members started bashing the site by saying half-false informations about it. They judged the entire Omnimaga site based on two or three members of the #omnimaga IRC channel (including myself). It has lasted 2 years now. The beginning of the week was the peak of it.

Omnimaga (and myself) are not hated because of TI-BASIC, because some users program ASM and C and I don't even do calc programming anymore (I do music and RPG Maker stuff). We are hated because they think that the entire internet should run based on the following guide:

Omnimaga, however, doesn't follow this guide.

Also, as you remember back a year ago I was very depressed because of real life stuff, and the anti-omnimaga propaganda was starting to piss me off extremly bad, because it was almost like they were trying to convince everyone from not joining. This caused me to overeact a lot to it.

I explained about my situation and Instead of understanding, they decided to continue the bashing, and made it even worse. There was even an episode where someone joined #tcpa as xlibman (my old nickname), and joined #omnimaga as Netham45. They did it to try to make me feel even more down, trying to make me feel like Omnimaga (and myself) are worthless, until the point, Monday night, where they made me so pissed off that I decided to delete the entire Omnimaga website. Everything was gone. But I felt it was the only way to end the war between both communities. It was really starting looking like TI-Files vs Someone even threatened legal actions against myself (for viewing the #tcpa IRC logs avaliable for the entire public) and someone (I know who but I'm not giving names in this post) even took over the old URL we used for one year for the Omnimaga website before registering, which something wrong also seems to have happened to.

Some friends from various place then asked me to not make the decision of shutting the site down final. This leads me to talk about the future of Omnimaga.

If things go right, Omnimaga website will come back in one month. That could be earlier like it could be later, depending of Invisionfree load of work and meeting deadlines for the release of Invisionfree to Zetaboards conversion package, which halted their restoration service.

There is a temporary replacement forum located at until this happens. However the board requires all guests to login to be viewed and we may disable registration completly for a while due to someone who keeps registering every day to evade a ban.

Currently the domain name is broken, which explains the long URL. It was set to point to the temporary board until Invisionfree backs up the real board, which will probablySome of you may be aware that DNS can take up to 72 hours to update when you change a domain name's setting. However, this time it never updated. I asked for help on Invisionfree and Yahoo but still nothing concrete. We cannot go back to since it just got taken over today (it redirect to IRC page, which have #tcpa as channel and another). This is partially why I am posting this tonight.

Basically this means there are big chances that Omnimaga comes back. If there are enough people who decide to come back, the site activity will return to its normal state. If, however, not enough people, especially staff, comes back, the site will no longer be updated and made as read-only archive, the team disbanded, with this post as final news article.

Regardless of if it stay updated or not, I may not be the one in charge of the website though. I also requested the removal of my profile, like I did a while ago with Calcgames. I regret for having spent 6 years of my life (sometimes 10 hours per day between school, work and real life problems such as my mother trying to commit suicide twice in 2002) contributing to the TI community only to be threated this way at the end. I know I got features but a ticalc news article doesn't equal people respect.
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Calc Guru

Joined: 12 Sep 2005
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Posted: 05 Jan 2008 06:53:42 am    Post subject:

Those 6 years of your life were not wasted. When some of those games came out, I played al the way through them and enjoyed every minute. It was even ROL3 that made me want to program a RPG for the calc. Unfortunately I didn't have 10 hours a day to accomplish anything, and my dreams still have not flourished. You introduced xLib's potential to the Basic community and showed why good games can still come from Basic.

I can understand your problems with some of the community members and even your decision to shut down your website. Best of luck.
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Calc Guru

Joined: 17 Apr 2007
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Posted: 05 Jan 2008 12:11:45 pm    Post subject:

I I understand that you have had issues with members of #tcpa in the past and I understand why you made the decsion that you made but I do feel that their is more at stake than just the omnimaga website I feel you should at least recreate the site and if you must leave it as a read-only archive so be it. but having all your games and removed form archive sites I don't agree with you haved worked hard on those games and they are very good you shouldn't delete them just because some people have issues with them being in hybrid-basic. You should atleast make all you hard work availble to people who don't have those same issues with basic. Almost every one in the comunity has made one or two basic programs in their life and should admire how much you were able to acomplish with such a limited programing language. you also have made many very good songs and those should also be avalible to download I have a few friens who keep many of your albums on their mp3 players and you should take pride in the fact that your hard work has never gone to waist no matter what a few people say. I vist #tcpa and I will always vist there it is the ticalc is the main hub of our comunity but I will also vist #omnimaga just as much it was a very good site and the irc channel should remain.
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Authentic INTJ

Super Elite (Last Title)

Joined: 25 Nov 2004
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Posted: 05 Jan 2008 08:24:15 pm    Post subject:

I can tell you that anyone who rallies against another with the understanding that it will aggravate him is immediately placed on my shit list. If they seek to have fun in thrashing others, then they're playing the wrong game in life.

Too much distrust as it stands. Why throw more onto the stink pile?

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DJ Omnimaga

Calc Guru

Joined: 14 Nov 2003
Posts: 1196

Posted: 07 Jan 2008 07:14:07 am    Post subject:

i am afraid to say that brandonw is the one who triggered most of those events here. Andy did too but he barely joined. IIRC he was the one with the legal action threat.

It's a shame that even the ones who talk more about calculators does that. Even JoelS, threefingeredguy, KermMartian, sjrberg (MissingIntellect) did this often and NanoWar did once or twice and he even said that I should shut the site down. Add a bunch of other people in the channel. On top of that there are two people in that list I helped a lot and supported them a lot when they got into similar situations (getting bashed), and some of you on MaxCoderz may have a guess of one of them, and look what they do

The tcpa logs are avaliable here:

They also are avaliable at two (?) other different places in real time, meaning they update every seconds or so, but I am not allowed to post these links here as they will probably ask MaxCoderz staff to delete them (since it's running from their computers and slow down/eat bandwidth).

I could not find the logs with your comment yet, but I know it was between spring 2006 and before I lost internet access in february. I,ll search more, there are many of them.

Btw, unless I missed another one, I think this was the peak of Omnimaga bashing:
That day there was even someone who signed up as "xlibman" (formerly my nickname) in tcpa then later I heard of an incident with the guy called "smart" who joined #omnimaga (or #unitedti?) as Netham45, one of the Omnimaga staff. I do not know if he posted junk though. Just CTRL+F and search for Omnimaga or Kevin

Then here is the next big one which triggered the shut down of the site and the removal of my file request at and United-TI:

To come back on the site status, after trying to figure out what was wrong I decided to rely on an alternate site for the name servers so the domain name works again, because something is wrong with Yahoo ones.

So you can access the site at the following URLs:

Temporary site/forums:
Temporary calc RPGs section:
Temporary music download section:
The IRC channel: (altough you can use an external client)

Or if you need something that isn't here:

I do hope Invisionfree respect their deadline for the release of the IF to ZB converter, so they start processing board restorations again, making the site avaliable again faster

And just before someone asks spengo was banned because he has been generally overly an asshat toward me and others. Whenever I would feel down he called me emo. On the Omnimaga forums, and sometimes the IRC channel when we posted about buying a new computer and it didn't satisfy him he started with insults to try to make the person feel like a retard toward everyone else, same for when we posted something that he knew for a while, even if some others didn't, he would imply stuff like "Why did you even posted about that? Everyone know this". There were other similar episodes before. Now because of all this it get near impossible to tell if he's trolling or not when he start criticising someone or someone's work, because in general he's always criticising every single smallest things that doesn't even matter at all. He was also banned for spying in the channel to report anything that is negative and make a huge thing about it in #tcpa so others join the conversation and start an omnimaga-mocking. He was kicked numerous times beforehand and banned at least once. He also lost his Omnimaga staff position prior that in 2006 partially for those reasons.

BrandonW was banned for similar things, minus the emo part. He wanted me to run the channel like what he want, aka allow people to insult, flame, be arrogant to and bash others no matter if it hurts or not, and completly disallow having fun in other ways like being random for a couple of minutes before going back to normal talk. He is acting like he is superior because he did MSD8x and other cool stuff for calcs such as discovering MirageOs save the whales secret.

Allynfolksjr was a pure troll, nothing else to say

aside from him that were the only #TCPA troublemakers who came in my channel. They do even worse in #tcpa.
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