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Posted: 28 Aug 2007 02:17:01 pm    Post subject:

This is, I believe, a good method for dealing with problems. However, my goal here is to reach a standard procedure for disciplinary measures - if anyone has suggestions, please post them. In particular, I basically pulled the duration of suspensions out of thin air and have no real reason for them. Also, if a situation, you believe, should diverge from this progression in some way, go ahead with that, since not every problem is alike.

That being said, here we go:

First warning (up to 25%)
-send PM

Second warning (up to 50%)
-send PM, mention consequences of further warnings
-depending on severity, may suspend user, or put on preview (this would be kind of silly for something like double posting or going off topic, but should be done for things like extremely offensive posts/images or anything illegal)

Third warning (up to 75%)
-suspend account for 2 weeks
-send PM (mention suspension, and that further rulebreaking = ban)

Fourth warning (up to 100%)
-send PM informing the user that he is banned forever
-suspend account indefinitely
-next person to come across this subforum with the ability to ban, will do so

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Posted: 29 Aug 2007 12:33:25 am    Post subject:

This sounds fine for a general guideline.

A couple of the reasons I haven't been for publicily posting guidelines to getting banned:
* Some people like to push the limits for the sake of pushing them, no other reason.
* Over time some people improve a lot, they just need a couple nudges in the right direction.
* Generally I can tell if someone was just having a lapse of good judgement or being purposefully destructive.

Generally different people react different to various levels of punishment it's just psychology. The idea is to punish only as much as is needed to spark the goodwill nature and corrective behavior from the offending individual without being overly harsh. It is mainly when they have no intention of civil behavior that a ban is really in order.
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