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Posted: 09 Jun 2007 07:55:23 pm    Post subject:

Hey Darkerline.  I am pming you to apply for uti membership.  I pm'ed Weregoose, about 2 weeks ago asking about the responsibilities of being a uti member, and what I should be aware of.  After understanding what uti membership is all about, I would like to apply.

Now I know I have made some friction in the past, but I am trying really hard to keep my cool and instead try to just answer peoples' questions.  Lately I have taken on my own asm project, helped AaroneusTheGreat with his 13ghosts and Doom89, informed Zizzdude about how to get started with asm, and such.(just searched my recent posts)

If accepted, I plan to continue to help others and try to make uti a better place then it already is.  If not accepted, could you pm me back telling me what I should work on?

Sincerely, Will Robbins
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Posted: 10 Jun 2007 11:06:39 pm    Post subject:

It was a relatively quick turnaround for him in retrospect, but he seems to be better off now after his bumpy ride. Superb? I haven't seen it. But, he says he understands what's expected of him, and we'd have to be trusting of that in order to put him through. I do see him as having a low temper, something which may or may not go away no matter what we do, but he's certainly capable of refinement, which we've seen already.

Currently, I say yes.

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Posted: 12 Jun 2007 01:33:50 am    Post subject:

No objections from me, he has improved a lot over the past few months.
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Posted: 12 Jun 2007 09:03:07 am    Post subject:

Ok, but I would promote HF first.
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