Kerm Martian's TI-BASIC Tutorial
Programming the TI-83+/84+
This tutorial was created in May 2003. Since then, I have matured greatly as a technical writer and a TI-BASIC programmer. I strongly recommend that you check out Programming the TI-83+/84+, a 325-page book I'm currently completing about TI-BASIC programming. It is a thorough compendium of learning TI-BASIC and a great introduction to programming in general for the beginner. I've sprinkled it with tons of hands-on examples and screenshots for your enjoyment. I begin with three examples to get your feet wet in the very first chapter, then move through input and output, the basic building blocks of program flow, planning and building complete, fast, small programs, then move on to using the graphscreen for fancier programs. I spend the last third of the book on advanced techniques using clever optimizations, Hybrid BASIC, and a brief overview of z80 ASM. Learn more and read the first chapter...

TI-83/+/Silver BASIC Tutorials

By Kerm Martian
Written by Kerm Martian (Cemetech)
Converted by TI-Freak8x (TI-FreakWare)

Table of Contents

i. Introduction
ii. Syntax and Conventions
1. Creating Programs
2. Running Programs
3. Editing Programs
4. Displaying Text Onscreen
5. Displaying Text At A Specific Location
6. Inputting Numbers
7. Prompting For Numbers
8. Clearing the Screen
9. Review Part 1
10. If Statements
11. The Pause Command
12. Boolean Logic
13. While Routines
14. Foor Loops
15. Labels and Gotos
16. Menus
17. Return and Stop
18. Programs Within Programs
19. Random Numbers
20. Review part 2
21. Copying and Pasting
22. Strings
23. The Graphscreen
24. Text on The Graphscreen
25. Lines
26. Graphing from Programs
27. DispTable
28. Circles, Horizontals, and Verticals
29. Saving and Opening Pictures
30. Review Part 3
31. GetCalc
32. Repeat
33. Pixel Drawing
34. Drawing with Points
25. Lists
A. Appendix A: Character Tables