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ASCII Translator and TI-BASIC Code Optimizer



ASCII Translation:
( Make sure you have chosen ASCII under the "Code from" menu )

Example Code:

    If (theta)!=(pi)
    //comment here

Frequently-Used Characters:

Input Output
(-) (Negative Sign)
(e) e
(pi) π
(theta) θ
//comment Line ignored by
TI-Graph Link
Block ignored by
TI-Graph Link

Bracketed Characters:
because these can be legitimate terms inside parentheses, you have to surround them with brackets

Input Output
{E} 10 E 5
{i} i
{10} 10
{>} Dec, etc
{sqrt} √(
{L1}-{L6} L1-L6

Superscript Characters:
note the placement of the ^ (inside the parentheses)

Input Output
(^-1) 1
(^2) 2
(^3)  3
(^X) X

// the last one is an uppercase "Oh": not a zero

Greek Characters:

Input Output
(alpha) α
(beta) β
(gamma) γ
(delta) δ
(epsilon) ε
(lambda) λ
(mu) μ
(pi) π
(theta) θ
(rho) ρ
(sigma) σ
(tau) τ
(phi) φ
(CHI) χ

Other International Characters:

Weird stuff I've never seen before:
a cookie to anyone who can tell me what these are

{'} // a curvy single quotation
{^{-1}} // not the same as (^-1), it's lower

Syntax Highlighting:
( Make sure you have chosen either All Syntax or Comments Only in the "Syntax Highlighting" menu )

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When using this optimizer, please don't discard your original code (just in case something goes wrong).
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