˙ūSun¸2 v2.5

By Brandon Longo




Given UTC time, this program calculates the solar position. The algorithm was obtained from http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview/id/782886.html. The TI-84 Plus and TI-89 Titanium versions include clock functionality, but no time zone functionality; the time must be set in UTC. I hope to fix this in v3.0.



On initial startup, no location is defined (definitions are via list SUN¸D on TI-83/84, Sun¸Data on 85/86, and sun¸data in 68k.) To define a location, select "Calculate Sun¸" in the menu, it will ask you for your lat/lon and store it to the appropriate list after the date/time is inputted. 

Don't run the plugin slot until you have loaded the Sun¸P1 program; it isn't included as it isn't finished. Any program that doesn't terminate with Stop can be used as Sun¸P1. X is solar altitude and F is azimuth. 



This is NOT the TI-83 Plus version; this requires a TI-84 Plus supporting the clock functions. For the TI-83 Plus user, use the TI-83 Classic version.



v1.0 - Initial version

 1.1 - Bugfix

 1.2 - Added link functionality

 1.3 - Code cleanup and debug support

 1.4 - Clock-only bugfix

v2.0 - Complete redesign of UI

 2.1 - Optimization of certain routines

 2.2 - Unused version, bugfix

 2.3 - Non-clock bugfix

 2.4 - Added plugin system, more optimization

 2.5 - First public release, unification of bugfixes and structure