.g8"""bgd                       .g8"""bgd                         
          .dP'     `M                     .dP'     `M                         
          dM'       `   .gP"Ya   ,pW"Wq.  dM'       ` ,pW"Wq.`7Mb,od8 .gP"Ya  
          MM           ,M'   Yb 6W'   `Wb MM         6W'   `Wb MM' "',M'   Yb 
          MM.    `7MMF'8M"""""" 8M     M8 MM.        8M     M8 MM    8M"""""" 
          `Mb.     MM  YM.    , YA.   ,A9 `Mb.     ,'YA.   ,A9 MM    YM.    , 
            `"bmmmdPY   `Mbmmd'  `Ybmd9'    `"bmmmd'  `Ybmd9'.JMML.   `Mbmmd' 
			by Lincoln Bergeson


0. the spiel
1. installation
2. controls
3. bugs
4. acknowledgements

	the spiel
GeoCore is a puzzle platformer in four level gray, written in Axe, using the Zedd physics engine. The goal is to reach the flag without dying. Game elements including land-toggling, spikes, boulders, and velocity alteration tiles. If you want the source code, go dunk your head in a lake.

To install GeoCore, simply send GeoCore.8xk to your calculator using whatever linking software you like. I prefer TILP.

...that's it. If you have problems, stop using TI-Connect.

If it says something about "App Not Signed" or something to that effect, download RabbitSign and sign it. If you don't know how or where to download RabbitSign, email me or ask around on a community like Omnimaga.org or Cemetech.net. Or just google it.

The controls are all explained in-game; however, I'll put them here as well for those who probably have bigger problems anyways.

2ND or UP 	to jump
ARROW KEYS 	to move
ALPHA 	to do some kind of cool looking land-toggly thing.
	basically, pressing Alpha either creates or destroys blocks underneath you. However, you can only create a number of blocks equal to how many you have destroyed. Conservation of mass, you know.

Yes, I'm aware of a few "glitches" relating to being able to get infinitely many blocks, and with one block getting anywhere on the screen. However, I refuse to fix these partly because the puzzles are so open that some of you require you to exploit every feature of the system to get to the end, and partly because I'm lazy. Sorry.

There is kind of a weird bug that I don't understand that makes it so you touching the flag from the left or right doesn't do anything. I have absolutely no explanation for why this happens. (Just press the '+' key to skip a level. Don't tell)

Builderboy - Physics Guru. He designed and created Zedd Physics Engine, which this game uses extensively, so I couldn't have made this game without him. Actually, I probably could have, it just would have taken a lot longer, and probably wouldn't work as well.

Also, if you need my help, or you have a comment or question or something, email me at liwib525@gmail.com or find me on Omnimaga.org or Cemetech.net. My handle is 'LincolnB'. There's probably a solid 40% chance I'll help you, depending on my mood and/or the magnitude of your request.