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                /_/  [Prizm] Graph3DP 1.1

       by Christopher "Kerm Martian" Mitchell
            Released September 6, 2012
       Updated for fx-CG50 August 18, 2017
             Distributed only through

Requirements: Casio Prizm

=== Installation ===

Send graph3dp.g3a to the root folder of your Casio Prizm. Simply plug it into your
computer with a miniUSB cable, then drag or copy/paste graph3dp.g3a into the 
calculator's virtual removable drive when it appears. No additional software is

=== Using Graph3DP ===

    --Menu keys--

      [F1] - Z= (enter equations)
      [F2] - Change window
      [F3] - Zoom
      [F4] - About
      [F5] - Trace graph
      [F6] - Display graph
      [MENU] - Exit Graph3DP. Settings and equations are saved.

    --Equation entry--

    > Up to six equations may be graphed at a time.
    > Use keys, [shift], and [alpha]. [ENTER] enables and disables equations.
    > If an equation is malformed, two red exclamation marks (!!) will appear
      next to the equation when you try to graph it.
    > [AC/ON] will clear the current equation. [SHIFT][AC/ON] turns off your
    > Graph3DP understands the following functions and constants:
      sin(  = [sin]
      cos(  = [cos]
      tan(  = [tan]
      sinH( = [sin][<][ALPHA][H]
      cosH( = [cos][<][ALPHA][H]
      tanH( = [tan][<][ALPHA][H]
      asin( = [SHIFT][sin]
      acos( = [SHIFT][cos]
      atan( = [SHIFT][tan]
      sqrt( = [SHIFT][x^2]
      log(  = [log]
      ln(   = [ln]
      abs(  = [ab/c]
      pi    = [SHIFT][EXP]

    --Graphing equations--

    > Press the [F6] key to graph currently-selected equations.
    > Use the arrow keys to rotate the graph.
    > Use the [+] and [-] keys to zoom in and out
    > Use [F4] to change the graph line color and [F6] to change the background
      color between white and black
    > Press [F5] to view a single equation or all enabled equations together
    > Press [F3] to toggle the axes and the bounding box on and off
    > Press [AC/ON] to turn off your calculator
    > Press [EXIT] to close the menu bar or return to the equation editor

    --Tracing equations--

    > Press the [F5] key to Trace. If you are currently rotating a graph, you
      may need to press [F1] to make the menu pop up first.
    > In trace mode, [F5] toggles which equation you're tracing
    > The arrow keys move the trace cursor over the graphed equation
    > For clarity, graphs are traced from a top-down view.
    > Press [EXIT] to return to the equation editor

    > Press [+] or [-] on the graph/trace views, or press [F2]
    > From the zoom menu, use the arrows to select an option and press [ENTER]
    > Zoom Default restores XMin=-10, XMax=10, Ymin=-10, Ymax=10, XSteps=YSteps=21

    --Window Settings--
    > The Window defines the extents of the graph and the granularity of the mesh
    > XSteps is the number of contour lines drawn between YMin and YMax, while
      YSteps is the number of contour lines drawn between XMin and XMax.
    > XSteps and YSteps must be at least 2. The larger the number, the denser and
      more accurate the mesh, but the slower the graph is to rotate.

=== Known issues ===
Disclaimer: This is a "gold" 1.0+ release. It is believed to be stable, but
            may crash your Prizm and force it to restart. It should not brick
            or otherwise break your Prizm, but the author disclaims any and all
            responsibility if it does. In addition, no warranty express or
            implied is given to the fitness of this add-in for any particular
            purpose, and the author and any associated parties or groups are
            not responsible for incorrect examination/test questions, numerical
            mistakes, or miscalculations of any sort stemming from this use of
            this Add-In.

=== Feedback and Help === 
Post questions in http://cemete.ch/t8147 or start your own topic on the Cemetech
forum, https://www.cemetech.net/forum

Info and more Prizm projects: https://www.cemetech.net