//This code is copyright Andrew Story (Kaslai/Aslai) All rights reserved.
//This and derivative works can be distributed as seen fit,
//so long as this notice remains unchanged and present

#pragma once

struct stringList
    stringList& operator=( const char*);
    //stringList& operator=( char const*);

    bool operator==( char* a );
    bool operator==( stringList& a );
    char* operator*();
    operator char*();
    operator const char*();
    operator int();
    operator const int();
    operator int*();
    operator const int*();
    stringList& operator=( int a );
    stringList& operator=( void*);

struct hashTable
    stringList& operator[](const char*);
    hashTable& operator=( hashTable&);
    char filler[24];
    void constructor( bool notstrin );