The Ultimate Math Finder 1.0 by Mobutu4

This program is a group, so you will need to unpack it from the group menu.

Make SURE you have Doors CS 7.1.1 or higher. This program is not tested by itself, and the shell is highly recommended!
Send ULTMDOC to your calc. This is a DocDE7 file, but it's the documentation. Read it! This has most of the info, so I won't write anything here. After you have read the doc, send the group to your calc and ungroup.
Make sure ALL of the needed programs(ULTMATH, VOLUME, AREAFND, MISCMATH) are in the RAM. Run the parent program, ULTMATH. Presto!
The area finder uses labels that are only used for perimeter. I am developing an option that filters out these labels, as they are not always given on math problems. For now, put 0. The perimeter WILL be wrong, but it won't affect the area.
Shapes that use perimeter-only labels:
-Trapezoid(Side A, Side C)

Any other questions will probably be found in the DocDE file. If not covered, email me at

DocDE7 and Doors CS are trademarks of Cemetech.