|                                        |
|           CALCnet Chat! v1.0           |
|       -= A Doors CS 7 Program =-       |
| by Christopher "Kerm Martian" Mitchell |
|      and Shaun "Merthsoft" McFall      |
|             January 2011               |
|        http://www.cemetech.net         |
|                                        |

      I. Requirements and Installation
. ..--================================--.. .
To use CALCnet Chat, you need Doors CS 7.1.1 or higher.  You can
get Doors CS at:


To install CALCnet Chat!, simply send CHAT.8xp to your TI-83+,
TI-83+ Silver Edition, TI-84+, or TI-84+ Silver Edition graphing
calculator.  You can either run it via the Doors CS Homerun feature
from your calculator's homescreen by simply executing prgmCHAT on
the homescreen, or open Doors CS via the Apps menu, then run CHAT.

      II. Using CALCnet Chat 1.0
. ..--=========================--.. .
CALCnet Chat can be executed via Homerun or from the Doors CS desktop.
The first time you start CALCnet Chat, it will ask you for your
username, which is stored inside the program so that on subsequent runs
it will not ask.  The following keys are used inside CALCnet Chat to
             [Y=]        Open Users list
             [CLEAR]     Quit from Chat
             [ARROWS]    Move mouse cursor
             [2nd]       \
             [TRACE]     |- Left-click
             [ENTER]     /

When you are inside the text-entry box, you can use the keys to type,
[ALPHA] to change alpha modes, and [2nd] or [TRACE] to return to the
mouse.  See also the Doors CS 7 manual for all the characters that can
be typed in a text-entry box.

The ABOUT button at the top of the Chat! interface will open up a window
with information about Chat!, a link to Cemetech for more information
and help, and the names of the autothors.  The USRS button opens the
list of users on the network, and also offers the ME button to change
your own username.

When your calculator is connected to one or more other calculators via
a CALCnet hub (or even a simple Unit-to-Unit cable), then the
calculators will see each other, and chat messages will travel between
the different calculators.  Please see http://www.cemetech.net to ask
about building a CALCnet hub; visit
http://www.cemetech.net/projects/item.php?id=33 for more information
about CALCnet itself.

      III. More Information
. ..--=========================--.. .
For help using this program, visit the Cemetech forums at
http://www.cemetech.net/forum.  You can also contact us personally via
email if you prefer, although posting a topic in the forum is likely to
merit a much faster response.  My email is my first name (from above)
at cemetech.net.