|                                                 |
|                  NetPong v1.1                   |
|             Powered by CALCnet 2.2              |
|                By Kerm Martian                  |
|            http://www.cemetech.net              |
|                                                 |

Table of Contents
1. Requirements and Installation
2. Using NetPong v1.1
3. About CALCnet 2.2
3. More Information

. ..--==== 1. Requirements and Installation ====--.. .
  To install and use NetPong v1.1, you must have a TI-83+/SE/84+/SE
graphing calculator with Doors CS 7.1 or later loaded on it.
You can get Doors CS from:


To install NetPong v1.1, simply send NETPONG.8xp to your calculator
using TI-Connect, TiLP, or your favorite linking software.  You can
run NetPong v1.0 at any time by left-clicking the NETPONG icon on your
Doors CS desktop or running it from the TI-OS homescreen, if the
Parser Hook in DCS is enabled.

Important Note: This will NOT work on Doors CS 7.0! You MUST use DCS
7.1 or higher.

. ..--==== 2. Playing NetPong v1.1 ====--.. .
You can play NetPong v1.1 on anywhere from 2 to 9 calculators at the
same time! To begin, simply connect all the calculators to be used
via their I/O ports (not USB).  For more than 2 calculators, you will
need to splice I/O cords, so visit www.cemetech.net to ask for more
information and assistance.  You can then launch NetPong on each
calculator.  Wait until each calculator indicates that it has found
all the other calculators to be used for NetPong, then press [1] on
the leftmost calculator, [2] on the second-to-left, etc.

Once every calculator knows its position, you can press [ENTER] on
the leftmost calculator, and the game will begin.  Use the arrow keys
on the leftmost and rightmost calculators to move the paddles. [MODE]
will pause and unpause the game, and [CLEAR] on any calculator will
cause the game to end.  Press [ENTER] or [2nd] after a point is scored
to begin the next volley.

. ..--==== 3. About CALCnet 2.2 ====--.. .
CALCnet 2.2 is a linking and networking protocol for TI graphing
calculators, permitting from two to infinite calculators to be connected
together for the purposes of file transfer, gaming, chatting, and much
more.  Please visit www.cemetech.net for up-to-date news and information.

. ..--==== 4. More Information ====--.. .
You can get more information on NetPong v1.1, Doors CS 7, and CALCnet 2.2,
as well as get help, here:

You can get information on Doors CS 6 (and higher) here:

You can view and download Kerm Martian's other programs here: