Readme for Asm Maker v3.0
by:Ghosuwa Wogomon or
Special Thanks to:J.Mathews for ASM Guru

Finally the latest version of my Asm Maker v4.0 is finished!If your new, Asm Maker
is an assembly kit a put together through tons of research and hard work.The idea
erupted when I realized the difficulty of creating and compiling Asm programs.It
seemed almost impossible to find a compiler that I could understand how to use.
So using my knowledge of batch processing, I first wrote a program that could
easily sort and compile TI-83 Plus files.I added bits and pieces of other programs
I half-understood, downloaded countless files looking for help, and after trying
overand over again, I have developed what I believe to be the easiest, fastest the
most maleable assembly kit ever developed!

Asm Maker v4.0 Capabilities:
Create and edit .z80 and .asm files.
Create & insert create headers.
Compile programs for TI-83 and TI-83/84 Plus.
Compile applications for TI-83/84 Plus.
Compile Hex for .z80 and .asm files.
Auto search for all .83p, .8xp, .8xk, .hex, .z80, .asm files on your computer.
Search for all mathes to a specified filename.
Reset folders to clear out the junk you don't need.
Sort files into easy to manage folder.
Learn Asm step by step with Asm Guru.
Put Asm Maker anywhere on your computer, under any foldername.

Asm Maker v4.0 Included Files:
ObjHex.exe	(converts bin files to hex)	(converts bin files to .83p)	(converts bin files to .8xp)
Tasm.exe	(converts source files to bin)	(Tasm Resource)
BintoIntelhex   (converts bin files to hex for apps)
0104.key	(Signiture for apps)
AddHex.exe	(Adds hex signiture)
FillApp.exe	(Fills hex files)
Rabsig.exe	(Creates signiture)
Sighead.bin	(Signiture Head)
Convert.exe	(Converts signiture to hex)
GlHeader.exe 	(Creates .8xk file)
Asm Maker.bat	(Main Program)

AsmGuru.hlp	(Tutorial on assembly programming)
Readme.txt	(Manual for Asm Maker)	(Include file for DoorsCS)	(Include file for MirageOS)		(Include file for Ion)	(Include file.)	(Include file.)	(Include file.)
App.hdr		(Header for Apps)
App2.hdr	(Header for App pages)
DoorsCS.hdr	(DoorsCS Plain Header)
DoorsCS2.hdr	(DoorsCS Header with description)
DoorsCS3.hdr	(DoorsCS Header with description and icon)
Ion.hdr		(Ion Header)
Mirage.hdr	(Mirage Header)
TI83.hdr	(TI83Plus Header)

====       =Instructions=        ====

(1)Unzip asmmaker4 to desired location.(If you wish to rename the folder, do so,
just don't rename the items inside.)

(2)Run Asm Maker.bat
You'll notice it creates folders and sorts everything needed.All files required for
Asm Maker to run will be placed in the Required folder.

Why did it not just make the download with everything presorted?Because if I did,
You would probably be just as confused as you would with the other hundred million
compilers that were presorted.By doing so I reduced the number of options to go to
directing your attention to the main program.

To sort files, put your source files in the source folder.Put your include files
in the Data folder, Hex in the hex folder, and programs and apps in the Exec folder
So convenient huh?

(3)When you first open Asm Maker, you'll see 5 choices; New Asm , Compile Prgm,
Compile App, Options, and Quit.To create or edit a  new source, type 1.To compile a
source as a program, type 2.To compile a source as an app, type 3.To view options
type 4.To exit Asm Maker type 5.

----Creating a Program
When making a program, you'll see the Name: prompt.Type in the name of your source
(excluding the extension), if it already exists it'll open for you to edit, else a
list of all your headers will appear and you'll be prompted a head.Type in the
header(excluding the header as before).Type 0 for no header.

----Compiling a program
When compiling a program, you'll see a list of all the files in your source folder.
Type in the name of the program you wish to compile(excluding extensions as always).
If there are errors, you will be asked whether or not to view them.Type 1 to view
them and 2 to not, else Asm Maker will display the name of the hex, TI-83 program,
and TI-83/84 Plus versions of the file.

----Compile an App
When compiling an app, keep in mind that they are slightly different in structure
from programs and thus have a slightly different source code.Anyway, type in the
name of source(excluding the extension).If there were error a message will appear
saying there were and you will be taken back to the main menu.Else Asm Maker will
display the name of the app.

The rest is pretty much self explanatory.Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for downloading Asm Maker v4.0