CodeView v.000000000000000001 super-duper-pre-alpha-version
by Ryhan Hassan (rthprog)

How to Use It:
1.)Run prgm CodeView
2.)Type in the name of a program you want view
3.) Press Enter
...voila, you can see your code.

This version will
1.) prefetch lines of code, particularly when the user decides not to press any buttons for a while
- to disable background prefetching, simply delete the second line of code.  This will make scrolling a little bit snappier, but ultimately will slow down page loading.
2.) Let you move the cursor aound even before tha page has loaded

1.) I plan to switch to Celtic III shortly
2.) I also plan to expand this thing into a fully functional IDE
3.) The softkeys are nonfunctional... they just look somewhat interesting.