TempIDE 12/2/2008
by Ryhan Hassan (rthprog)

First off:

-this was a little experiment to see if a "multiple-window" IDE was possible and practical.  It its by no means a true, polished IDE; the toolbar is not fully supported yet, there is no editing capability, and the only way to quit is by pressing [ON].  Its just a barebones IDE for me to tinker with.  

-I understand that a lot of my code is redundant, useless, and straight-up ugly.  Frankly I wrote it rtaher hurridly during a fair number of classes.  I am not looking for someone to optimize it; I simply would like to know if anyone sees any potential in it.  The original intent was to allow users to code a program side-by-side with another program.  For example, it would facilitate copying sections of code from another program, working on a large project, etc...  However, multiple windows capable of more than just editing programs could become very useful; basically a mini-BASIC-shell.  For example, your basic-PDA functionality could be implemented, as well as encourage me to write a background tasker (the only purpose of this I could think of would be to update a stupid toolbar clock...oh well)

-So, just tell me what you think of it; How would you tweak the interface? What systemic changes need to be implemented?  Do you see any potential usefull-ness in this?  Should I even bother to continue working on this? =D

1.) Send all the included PROGRAMS to your TI84+/TI83+ calculator
2.) Run program "A0MAIN"
3.) Type in the name of the first program you want to edit. "AOMAIN" for example
4.) after the window loads, use the up and down arrow keys to scroll up and down; press the right button to scroll a line.
the current setup only displays 16 characters per line in the window;  this WILL be fixed later
5.) Now, hit "TABS"(F5).  
6.) hit "+TAB"(F2). Enter the name of another program.
You can only make up to 4 "windows"; anymore and the program may crash.  This is because the code that sets up the window dimensions was meant to only handle up to 4 windows; thus, I can fix this later.  Still, why would you need more than 4 windows at once?
7.) Use the left and right arrow keys to switch between windows.  Hit "TABS"(F5) again to select a window.
8.) now scroll through the program/whatever
9.) Repeat steps 5~8 a couple times, sometimes skipping step 6.

To-Be-Finished (if I feel like it)
-I plan to make an option that makes all windows "fullscreen"
-Increase the cache width to 27 characters to accomodate a full line; allow users to lower to save memory
-Make a faster/better way to switch between windows
-Some way to make the current window more prominent
- Allow more than 4 windows....
-Naturally, implement DarkFire-esque command-based toolbar menus, full editing capabilities, etc... in the future if this ever gets off the ground.