| BaseConv v1.0            |
| by Kerm Martian          |
| http://www.cemetech.net  |

I had the idea to make this program in February 2006 and quickly
was able to put it together, but until now it's been sitting in
a dusty folder on my computer, not doing much of anything.  I
figured I might as well release it and clean out the folder, so
enjoy.  This program can convert to and from any base between
base 2 and base 36, using the appropriate alphanumeric notation.
Uses a custom algorithm that should be relatively fast, and to
my knowledge can handle numbers of arbitrary precision limited
only by the amount of memory you have available on your

- Kerm Martian, April 2008

More Info
As always, you can find out what's new with Kerm Martian and
Cemetech from http://www.cemetech.net.  Hope to see you there.