|-| |-| |-| |-| |-\ |-| |-----|
 | |_| | | | | | |  \| | |__ __|
 |  _  | | | | | | \ \ |   | |
 | | | | \  -  / | |\  |   | |
 |_| |_|  \___/  |_| \_|   |_|
A Quick-Paced RPG [TI-84-Plus CE]
Version 1.0.0
Made by: Argus

You, the hero, are living happily at home when your mother
catches a terrible illness. If you cannot make her a remedy
in time, she may never heal. You seem to have all the
necessary ingredients, when you notice you are missing the
Alolea Herb, a powerful and rare plant. You must travel 
across the lands to find this herb, before time runs out!
But beware, the world holds plenty of tricks and traps up
its sleeve...

How To Play:
To play, use the arrow keys to navigate the "Ω" around the
map to move. To move around the map, go off the edge of the
screen, or enter a doorway that looks like "A" or "U". Most
objects are collidable, but there are a few exceptions:
Items. You can pick up certain items and add
them to your collection. There are also some interactable
objects in game such as "θ", which means either a spy or a
person. To tell the difference, spies always have ".", which
shows their line of sight. If you step on a ".", they will
catch and imprison you. You can also interact with the symbol
"𝛑", which represents a sign. Signs can give you valuable info,
so be sure to read them all! The most important symbol int the
game though is "φ", which is the Alolea Herb. Make sure to pick
this up!

> - Move right
< - Move left
^ - Move up
v - Move down
Mode - Open menu
2nd OR Enter - Select/interact
Clear - instant quit

Sending To Your Calculator:
WARNING! This program was designed for the TI-84 Plus CE
model, and might work on TI-84 CSE (not tested) Other
calculators will not work!

Using your favorite Calc-Computer software, send the files
to your calculator and enjoy!

Running the Game:
To play, run the program HUNTRPG. Running any of the other
files will probably cause an error, so it is not recommended.

Important note: Due to new updates and features, older save
files will very likely not work on newer releases.
	V 1.0.0 - Contest early release

Thanks to Dr. D’nar for TEXLIBs, a powerful library for TI-BASIC
ascii design. His program can be found at https://www.cemetech.net/programs/84pce/asm/programs/textlib.zip
Other thanks go to:
For helping and supporting this project!

Thank you for playing HUNT!
The forum for this project can be found at