Math Spitter
Developed by rullinoiz 
Thank you for Downloading!
Something I’d like to note is that this is my very first TI-BASIC program and can be unstable (sometimes)

Another thing I’d like to note is that this was only tested on a TI-84 Plus CE that I got from Target. This has not been tested on any other calculator and I cannot guarantee the compatibility of this program on any other calculator besides the TI-84 Plus CE. Be warned.

First you need the installer (duh) which you can get from and going into downloads. It’s pretty straightforward from there.

After you install the needed software, plug in your calculator with the bundled wire to your computer, and drag and drop the file into your calculator.

When you first turn on your calculator (after you install the program) you need to press “prgm” and use the arrows to scroll down to the program that is named “SPITTER”. Once you find it, select it and press enter. Your calculator should now print out “prgmSPITTER” (without quotes). Once that happens, press enter and it should now run.

Once you have run the program, it is now time to use it! The calculator should ask for a difficulty.
DIFFICULTY 1: Addition with numbers between 1 and 100
DIFFICULTY 2: Same as difficulty 1 but it introduces multiplication with numbers in between 1 and 10
DIFFICULTY 3: Same as difficulty 2 but it introduces division with random multiples of 1 to 4
Each difficulty has 25 questions by default. There isn’t a way to change it, unless you are a coding freak like I am and manage to understand the underlying spaghetti of code in the program.
After you have chosen a difficulty, it should load like normal. Answer each question as it shows up.

When you finish the question, it should come up with statistics. This is the part that isn’t very stable. It should give you a percentage of how well you did, the number of questions you got right and wrong, and the time it took you to answer every question.