--Splat by LogicalJoe--
  Written in pure C for the CE
  April 2 - May 8, 2019

I am proud to present my very first Cemetech Contest entry: Splat!

Splat was made for Cemetech Contest number Twenty-Two, hosted by _iPhoenix_.

 --Cemetech Contest Number Twenty-Two: Sprite Delight!--

As the rules state, here is the "contest specific section" in the readme.
If you can't tell what it says above, here is it again:
Splat is written in B# for the TI-84 Plus B#Fb.
Even though this game is not completely sprites, I believe that it completes
 the checklist of necessities to be a valid CC22 entry.
Here's the Cemetech topic thread: https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15639
 should anyone want to read the sudden barrage of updates in May.

 --The included files--

Splat			- Main folder
 readme.txt		- This txt file
 ScreenShots		- Folder with screen shots
  S1.png		- Still shot
  A1.png		- APNG
 SPLAT-src.zip		- This contains the source files
  iconc.png		- icon
  makefile		- makefile
  src			- source
   gfx			- graphics
    convpng.ini		- convpng initialization file
    SPLAT_logo.png	- Main logo
    SPLAT_mini.png	- Mini logo
   main.c		- Source file
 SPLAT.8xp		- Finally, the compiled program! :D


- 4 game modes!
- Fast gameplay
- Character editor
- Help screen
- In-game Pause
- High-score and character saving
- Dark Mode


Follow the instructions from some other program or guide book.
TiLP and TI Connect CE should both work fine.

You also need the latest C Libraries on your calculator, that you can download here:


This program requires the libraries:

 --How to Execute Splat--

Shell is recommended.

If you are using a 5.3 os or above, then:
After sending S2C.8xp to your calculator (RAM or Archive):
Press [prgm], scroll to "SPLAT", [enter], [enter].

If you are not using a 5.3 os or above, then:
After sending SPLAT.8xp to your calculator's RAM:
Press [2nd] [0] scroll to "asm(" [enter] [prgm] scroll to "SPLAT" [enter] [enter]
And finally, update your os.

 --How to Play Splat--

This should be self-explanatory:

Enter the program and use the arrow keys and [2nd] to navigate the menus,
During gameplay, use the arrow keys to navigate your ball between the paintballs.
Collect your inner color as it will add to your score,
Your middle color acts as a filter and protects against its color,
The outer color is the most vulnerable and will cause you to loose a point...
 If you have no points to give, you will die.
All other colors will cause you to die.
Exit and backtrack menus by pressing [clear].
Open the Help screen by pressing [prgm].
Press [enter] on the help screen to activate Dark Mode.
Pause the game by pressing [mode].

Gameplay is very similar to Aspirin, so it should be very easy to pick up.

 --Special Thanks To--

* RogerWilco
 For moral support and the motivation to finish this project.

* _iPhoenix_
 For hosting the contest that brought this game into being.

* MateoConLechuga
 For the C SDK tools

* MateoC
* Adriweb
* Jacobly
 For their patients and help putting the C compiler on my computer.


If this program doesn't work for you,
 * Make sure you have the latest C libraries
 * try updating the tiOS; it was tested using tiOS

Contact me if:
 * You find any bugs; I will do my best to fix them.
 * You have any problems; I will do my best to assist you.
 * You wish for me to post this program on another free-ware site.
 * You have any updates you would like to see in the future.
 * You have made optimizations to the source and think they could be useful.

 --Last words--

Thank you for downloading. I hope you enjoy Splat.