- Don't Touch The White Tiles, ported to your TI-84+CE!


	Don't Touch The White Tiles is a simple game, but it can be very hard to master. Countless of apps and other iterations of this simple
	piano-game have been made, and I felt like it was my time to contribute to this utter madness. The game involves several modes for you to
	play, with varying difficulty and perhaps some rage-inducing moments. Play this game with your friends to see who can get the highest
	Hi-Score, and, of course, enjoy!

	1. Download and install the TI Connect™ CE Software from https://education.ti.com/en/products/computer-software/ti-connect-ce-sw
	2. Connect your TI-84+CE to your computer using the micro-usb cable, included with your calculator at purchase.
	3. Transfer DTTWT.8xp to your calculator using TI Connect™ CE.
	4. To run the game on you calculator, search the token "Asm(" from [catalog], "prgmDTTWT" from [prgm], and run the command "Asm(prgmDTTWT". (If you have OS 5.3 or higher, you can omit the "Asm(" token)

	[enter]						Select (Menu)
	[clear]						Cancel / Quit (Menu)
	[ARROWS]					Menu Orientation
	[y=] / [window] / [zoom] / [trace] / [graph]	Tap Tile

	BasicTH		 	Making the program
	PT_		 	Creating the ICE Compiler, which was used for compiling the ICE code
	MateoConLechuga/ 	Creating CEmu, which was used during development
	Kerm Martian	 	Founding Cemetech and creating SourceCoder 3, also used during development

	If you find any bugs, problems or just want to submit a suggestion for further versions, I can be contacted through the following media:
		cemetech.net		BasicTH ("Don't Touch The White Tiles CE" thread can be found at "https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15201")
		Cemetech Discord	BasicTH
		E-mail			koosatafelaar@gmail.com
	Source code is included. It can be converted with any ICE-supportive IDE (e.g. SC3), and then compiled with the ICE Compiler (preferably

Current Build: 1.1