´╗┐DonkeyKong CE v1.0
by Rico

 1) Download and install TI-Connect CE or TILP if you don't already have connectivity software.

 2) Transfer the latest C libraries to your calculator; you can find them at this link:

 3) Transfer the file in this folder: DKONG.8xp

 Run DonkeyKong from the homescreen by pressing [2nd][0], and selecting the Asm( token. Then select DKONG from the program menu.
 Your screen should look like this (press Enter when it does):


 This is a recreation of the classic arcade game Donkey Kong for the Ti-84 Plus CE.

 [2nd]				- Jump
 [left]/[right]		- move left/right
 [up]/[down]		- climb ladder
 [Clear]			- Quit

 The code has been created almost entirely from scratch, based on the original Donkey Kong arcade game.
 This has been done using the Donkey Kong hacking kit(https://github.com/furrykef/dkdasm) and Mame debugger
 to find out how the original game worked and the CE C Programming Toolchain/SDK and CEmu to develop the game.
 The original Donkey Kong arcade is copyright of Nintendo.

====Source Code===
 You can find the source for DonkeyKong here: