Cellar 3D (Preview Version) for TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE
by Patrick Davidson 


######## Introduction

This is a preview version of a raycaster 3D game for the TI-84 Plus CE and
TI-83 Premium CE calculators.  Although far from complete, the basic rendering
of the environment is working along with minimal gameplay.

This is a plain asm program.  You can transfer it to the calculator by sending
the ROTZOOM.8XP file to your calculator using TI Connect CE (or other software
that communicates with the calculator).  Run it by entering the command 
Asm(prgmROTZOOM on the home screen.

If you are using TI-Connect CE to transfer the game, please note that you
should send the program from the Calculator Explorer section of TI-Connect CE.
The program cannot be opened by the open menu item or in the Program Editor.

######## Gameplay

The goal of this game so far is to escape the cellar alive by getting to the
ladder out.  You must get out before being exposed to too much radiation,
which is metered by the bar on the right side of the screen.  There is some
radiation exposure throughout the cellar, but more when you are next to the
radioactive waste pillars.  There are also some first aid kits you can
collect to help out a little bit.

The cellar is also home to a spider with radioactive venom.  Beware that
radioactive materials are much more dangerous when injected into you -- avoid
all contact with such spiders!

In-game controls:

Arrow keys move the player
CLEAR exits the game during play
ALPHA jumps (currently just for show, it has no effect on anything)
PRGM displays current coordinates -- please report these if you find any
rendering errors

######## Version history

Version Date    Lines   Bytes   Description

418     3Jul17  1091    8143    First preview release

557     20Aug17 1757    9409    Various code optimizations                                
                                Release compiled by LLVM
                                Combined speed improvement about 18%
                                Improved rendering precisionnear the wall
642     18Dec17 2070    10356   Various code optimizations
                                Added the spider

652     31Dec17 2171    10412   Eliminated flickering from spider sprite

711     13Jun19 2230    11510   Added title screen
                                Added player jumping
######## Acknowledgements

Thanks to everyone who helped set up documentation, emulators, and the C
programming environment for these calculators.  Among others, and in no
particular order:  Kerm Martian, Lionel Debroux, Brandon Wilson, Adrien
Bertrand, Matt Waltz, Jacob Young.