|                Pong                |

|              By CHill              |

|             TI-84 Plus CE/CSE      |


This is APong for TI 84 Plus CE and 84 Plus C Silver Edition
I wrote this program for the classic Pong game in my spare time when I started experimenting into game programming. This version is a two player versio of pong, where two players play each other on the same calc, Left player using 2nd and Alpha to move, and the Right player using the Up and Down keys. You a score a point when your opponent lets the ball slip past his defenses. First to 5 points wins! Have fun playing this game, looking at the code, or whatever you want. Just dont take credit for it. This version comes with two types, a full screen game (prgmAPONG), which is easier (more time in between hits to calculate where to hit the ball), and a shorter screen game (prgmAPONGSML) which is harder (less time to calculate where to hit the ball). 
In the future, I plan to modify this program to make a playable one player version, as well as a version with the screen size to be adjusted by an in-game menu. 
To Install:
Send prgmAPONG and/or APONGSML to your calculator using Ti-Connect or a similar program, using your usb cable.

This is a basic program, so all you have to do is hit PRGM, and scroll down until you find your program. Hit enter, then enter again to run.

Make sure prgmAPONG and/or APONGSML is in RAM, and not in Archive. 

Have fun using this! 


Author: CHill
9th Grader interested in math and science

Eagerly involved in basic and slightly complicated programming

More @ Cemetech.net

Feedback wanted and loved!

Thanks so much for downloading this.

Copyright (c) October 2015