Dark Shadow 2
By Kerm Martian

1. About
This game is the updated version of a game I made about two and a half
ago in BASIC during the summer, entirely in Virtual TI.  It's much faster
on all 83 and 84 calculators, includes levels, better powerups, and more,
and even has customizable key bindings.

2. Installation & Use
Send DARKSHD2.8xg to your TI-83/+/SE or TI-84+/SE graphing calculator, then
run prgmDARKSHAD from the homescreen or with Doors CS 4 or higher.  Use the
[up], [down], and [enter] keys to navigate the homescreen; default keys ingame
are the arrow pad, [2nd] to shoot, and [clear] to quit.

Shoot the ships; each level you must shoot the ships one extra time to beat the
level (or "stage").  There are four powerups, two good, two bad:
F (force field):  pushes the enemy away
T (tractor beam): pulls the enemy closer
+ (level up):     increase the current stage by one
- (level down):   decreases the current stage by one

3. Contact / More Info