___   ___ _   _______  __________  _____
  / _ | / _ \ | / / __/ |/ /_  __/ / / / _ \
 / __ |/ // / |/ / _//    / / / / /_/ / , _/
/_/ |_/____/|___/___/_/|_/ /_/  \____/_/|_|

  __  _____  ___  ___ __________  ____
 / / / / _ \/ _ \/ _ /_  __/ __/ / / /
/ /_/ / ___/ // / __ |/ / / _/  /_  _/
\____/_/  /____/_/ |_/_/ /___/   /_/

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible if this game causes you to go insane. It contains several logical
fallacies and fanciful circumstances. Do not take this game too seriously. This game is also not
very extensively tested. I recommend running it using Cesium or Doors CE to protect your other
programs. See the section below on bug reports.

---- INSTALLATION ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Using TI Connect CE, add "ADVENTUR.8xp" to your calculator. You may either run the program using a
shell such as Cesium or Doors CE or with the "Asm(" token. If you're still confused, do this:

1. Install TI Connect CE (if it isn't already installed)
2. Open TI Connect CE
3. Extract "ADVENTUR.8xp" from this archive onto your desktop (or another location)
3. Ensure your calculator is properly connected to your computer
4. Find the "Actions" menu at the top of screen and select "Add Files From Computer..."
5. Find "ADVENTUR.8xp" and double-click it
6. On your calculator, press [2nd], then [0], then scroll down to "Asm(" and hit [enter]
7. Press [prgm] and select "ADVENTUR" from the list (it should be near the top)
8. Press [enter]

---- VERSION SYSTEM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

There are two numbers for every release of this game:
Update X - Number of updates that have been made to the STORY
[1.XX] - Number of updates that have been made to the actual CODE
The current version is Update 4 [1.03]

---- CHANGELOG -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

	* Simultaneously fixed a typo (MUTH BUSTERS), and the file being corrupt

	* Fixed minor typos/bugs

	* Fixed bug with loading saved data

	- First release for TI-84+ CE in assembly

---- HISTORY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ADVENTUR is a game originally created in TI-BASIC for the 84+ C Silver Edition.
It was then rewritten in AutoHotkey and expanded to have more than five times the original content.
Once I got a TI 84+ CE, I ported the original basic code to my new calculator.
And now, I bring to you ADVENTUR Update 4 written in assembly for the TI 84+ CE!

This game was inspired by the Stanley Parable. Like the Stanley Parable, it is a game about choice.
Do not just play this game with the sole intention of beating it. Simply play through the game and
appreciate the absurdity. Have fun. ツ

There have been four updates so far:
Update 1	Heaven Update
Update 2	Space Update
Update 3	Onion Update
Update 4	ComBat Update

There is also a new plot line of ADVENTUR being developed, with a completely different plot aiming
to be "30% less linear (actual results may vary)" This version has a working title of HOARSE, and
will probably be released at some point in the future. No promises.

UPDATE (8-24-2016) - HOARSE is 100% complete, and a Windows version is available for download on the
Cemetech forums. (https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12603) A calculator version is
vaguely planned, but not actually in development. (HOARSE is much better than ADVENTUR though, so...
go download it and play it!)

---- CONTROLS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The controls are very straightforward:
Arrow keys		Change selection
Enter/2nd		Select choice
Clear			Save and exit
Del				Reset data and exit

---- BUG REPORTS AND SUGGESTIONS -------------------------------------------------------------------

If you find any bugs or typos (There are a few intentoinal misspellings) please report them to
Hactar on the Cemetech forums. (www.cemetech.net) I will not be releasing the source code yet
because it is a terrible embarrassment and an absolutely mess. Plus, we wouldn't want anyone to be
able to spoil the game for themselves by just looking through the files, would we?

If you have any ideas for new content, feel free to PM me on Cemetech and I'll consider it! ;)

---- THANKS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks SO much to the awesome help and support of everyone on the Cemetech forums, without whom this
program probably never would have worked to begin with.