|                   CENTER2D           |

|              By CHill         |

|             TI-84 Plus Models     |


This is Center2D for TI 84 Plus models

This program will allow you to find the centroid of any 2D shape by dividing the shape into sub-shapes. Finding the Area and individual centroid dimensions of each of these sub shapes will allow you to find the overrall centroid. Just input the amount of shapes,  and then the Area and centroid x&y's for each shape, and then the program will calculate the overrall centroid using a series of List processes and specialized loops.

To install:

Send CENTER2D to your calculator using Ti-Connect or a similar program, using your usb cable.

This is a basic program, so all you have to do is hit PRGM, and scroll down until you find your program. Hit enter, then enter again to run.

Make sure CENTER2D is in RAM, and not in Archive. 

Have fun using this! 


Author: CHill

9th Grader interested in math and science

Eagerly involved in basic and slightly complicated programming

More @ Cemetech.net

Feedback wanted and loved!

Thanks so much for downloading this.

Copyright (c) October 2015